British Japanese cars are head of reliability league

Five of the top six reliable cars are Japanese… but the good news is that three of them are made in Britain.

Honda, which has a plant in Swindon, Wilts, is first in the list of smooth-runners. Third is Derby-based Toyota and Nissan, with a factory in Sunderland, is sixth, says new research.

Honda-buyers can drive smugly knowing there is only a 10% chance of a breakdown when the car is between three and six years old. Other Far Eastern companies Mazda, Subaru and Mitsubishi are also high in the Manufacturer Reliability Index top ten.

At the wrong end of the table is Land Rover, with a 47% chance of a breakdown, with Renault and Saab queuing up just behind on the hard shoulder. The index, compiled by insurers Warranty Direct, gauges the most dependable used cars among 250 popular models.

It also works out average annual repair costs, putting Czech-made Skoda as the cheapest with a bill of just over £200 and a German Porsche is most expensive at £800.

But at least you shouldn’t have to take your Porsche to the garage often as it is the tenth most reliable car on the road.

Honda spokesman Steve Kirk said: “We’re delighted to be top of the tree. It’s testament to our great workers at places like Swindon.

Aa President Edmund King said: “It shows that workforces here are very important elements in the successes of these companies.”

But Duncan McClure Fisher of Warranty Direct, warned: “Owning a car can be a painful experience.”It shows workforces in Britain are very important in the success of these companies EDMUND KING AA PRESIDENT10 most reliable models Manufacturer Breakdown incidence rate 1. Honda 10.59% 2. Mazda 13.03% 3. Toyota 13.08% 4. Subaru 13.92% 5. Smart 16.67% 6. Nissan 16.79% 7. Mitsubishi 17.18% 8. Lexus 19.01% 9. MINI 23.16% 10. Porsche 24.34% 10 least reliable Manufacturer Breakdown incidence rate 1. Land Rover 46.74% 2. Renault 38.54% 3. Saab 38.03% 4. Jeep 36.39% 5. Audi 32.74% 6. SEAT 32.04% 7. MG 31.47% 8. Chrysler 30.14 9. Volvo 28.65% 10. Mercedes 28.6%10 lowest repair costs Manufacturer Average repair cost 1. Skoda £215.94 2. Citroen £228.32 3. Renault £249.51 4. Peugeot £251.34 5. Ford £256.03 6. SEAT £266.15 7. Vauxhall £269.10 8. Volkswagen £285.41 9. Honda £295.42 10. Fiat £296.20 10 highest repair costs Manufacturer Average repair cost 1. Porsche £793.05 2. Jeep £541 3. Jaguar £484.46 4. Subaru £479.67 5. Mitsubishi £454.22 6. Chrysler £450.23 7. Mercedes £447.73 8. Land Rover £438.38 9. Audi £414.74 10. MG £400.98


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