VotW – Roebling Road SVRA Driver’s School

Always fun to feature a bit of vintage racing, so our video this week is for the Walter Mitty in all of us and features the recent SVRA Drivers School at Roebling Road near Savannah, Georgia.

New to this year’s schedule was an SVRA drivers school. 2017 1ST National Drivers’ School in Savannah & Bob Williams Heritage Cup at Roebling Road Raceway – Bloomingdale, Georgia. The weekend school is designed to provide prospective vintage racers an accelerated, cost-effective path to getting a vintage racing license, whilst coming away from the track ready to go wheel-to-wheel racing. The entire weekend pays homage to “old school” vintage racing and events with throwback races and low-pressure club feel.

For those of you who may be interested in vintage racing, and I highly recommend at least getting to a race as a spectator some time, you can find out more about the hobby and sport from these organizations, among others.

HSR – Historic Sportscar Racing

HMSA – Historic Motor Sports Association

SOVREN – Society Of Vintage Racing Enthusiasts

SVRA – Sportscar Vintage Racing Association (was the Southeastern Vintage Racing Association when I was a member – over 30 years ago.)

VARAC – Vintage Automobile Racing Association of Canada

VSCCA – Vintage Sports Car Club of America

VSCDA – Vintage Sports Car Drivers Association

Vintage Racing British Sports Cars - A Hands-On Guide to Buying, Tuning, and Racing Your Vintage Sports Car
Vintage Racing British Sports Cars: A Hands-On Guide to Buying, Tuning, and Racing Your Vintage Sports Car
by Terry Jackson with forward by Sir Stirling Moss


Vintage & Historic Racing Cars by Alex Gabbardo
Vintage & Historic Racing Cars
by Alex Gabbardo



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