VotW – One Leap Ahead – Jaguar Factory Tour

Our Jaguar Factory Tourvideo this week takes us all the way back to the Jaguars of 1961. Back when the E-Type was just rolling off the line and the Jaguar Mark II was still a new car. “One Leap Ahead” is a tour of the Coventry factory. It is amazing to see so many of these cars in one place, much less in production and in perfect condition. For big cats that are so seldom seen in the wild today, they seem to be plentiful in their natural habit in this video. Certainly does make one wish for a TARDIS.

If the behind the scenes story of manufacturing like this is your thing, you might also want to check out the book “Jaguar in Coventry: Building the Legend” by Nigel Thornley. This illustrated history offers a fascinating insight into the company and the city. It tells the story of the fluctuating fortunes of the company at Browns Lane, and offers a revealing account of car production techniques and processes at Jaguar as they have evolved over the years. The book also offers an intimate portrait of the local people who have depended on Jaguar for their livelihoods, for generations.

Jaguar In Coventry - Building the Legend by Nigel Thorley