Veteran Receives Restored MG at Show

According to the New Orleans Picayune, while tailgating at a New Orleans Saints game, Kim and Matt Cole were introduced to veteran Robert Phillips. It was an auspicious meeting, as Kim Cole was looking for someone to fix a 1972 MG, originally a gift from her mother to her father, that she inherited. Matt was supposed to be the caretaker of the car, but due to injuries sustained in 2005 during a tour of duty as a Marine in Afghanistan, he is in a wheelchair, and could not keep up with it.

Veteran Receives Restored MG at ShowKim and Phillips said he would do it at no cost, as a thank-you for Matt’s service to our country. Soon, other members of the club found out and 20 volunteered to work on it, beginning on Jan. 3, 2015, at no cost to the Coles. What started as a small job turned into an almost complete restoration of the car. And, it was to be a surprise to the Coles.

MG for VeteranAs the car’s restoration neared completion, Chris Carbine of Carbine Motorcars offered to host a Cars and Coffee event at his dealership, to incorporate a car show with the presentation of the car to Kim and Matt.

On the morning of Saturday (Feb. 28), the Coles were definitely surprised when a restored MG rolled out of the garage. Members also gathered funds to reimburse Matt for parts (as they had to maintain the secrecy of the restoration.) Now the car is ready for the current and next generation of Coles to enjoy.

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