ULEZ Compliant V8 Range Rover SUV Revealed by Kingsley Cars

Proving that it’s not just the new kids on the Range Rover block that are compliant with the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) expansion, UK Range Rover specialist and restorer Kingsley Cars has launched its ULEZ Reborn Range Rover series. Retaining the synonymous design and charm of a Range Rover Classic, the British team has completely re-engineered a ULEZ compliant model.

2 Kingsley Cars ULEZ Reborn without going modern Range Rover
Kingsley Cars ULEZ Reborn without going modern Range Rover

It has upgraded the engine to either a 4.0- or an optional 4.6-liter V8 with a modern ZF automatic gearbox and given it a driver-focused, technology-oriented facelift to ensure its city-dwelling owners can commute and beat the ULEZ in style, with prices starting from £125,000 including UK taxes.

Available as a two or four-door, each ULEZ Reborn Range Rover Classic by Kingsley Cars has been re-engineered with London city living and long-distance driving in mind. Starting from the beginning, each ULEZ compliant (pre-1981 thus classed as a historical status vehicle) Range Rover Classic is stripped to a bare shell, engineered and future-proofed to remove any opportunity of rust getting into the metal. It is repaired when needed, seamlessly welded, protected with seam sealer and a rubberized coating, and then finished with high-quality paints, with a three-year guarantee against corrosion.

4 Kingsley Cars ULEZ Reborn in two door
Kingsley Cars ULEZ Reborn in two-door

Kingsley Cars ULEZ Reborn Range Rover Classic comes with a re-engineered 4.0-litre fuel injected 220 bhp V8 engine as standard or an optional 4.6-liter fuel injected 270 bhp V8. Both are fitted with an uprated ZF 4HP22 automatic gearbox and a fully rebuilt Borg Warner transfer box to maintain reliability. These configurations can return up to 25 mpg.

The attention-to-detail doesn’t just stop there. Having restored over 400 Range Rover Classics and delivered tens of Kingsley Cars Reborn Range Rover models, the team can add its famed Kingsley Fast Road Suspension Kit with uprated anti-roll bars, which will be useful for speed humps as well as countryside road trips, as well as its Kingsley Big Brake Kit (with six-pot billet front and four-pot billet rear calipers and larger discs), to each of Kingsley Cars’ ULEZ Reborn Range Rover Classic customer cars. Other cost options include Forged Aluminium wheels that are available to assist with unsprung mass and strengthened rigidity over potholes, too.

7 Kingsley Cars ULEZ Reborn with retrimmed interior and technology
Kingsley Cars ULEZ Reborn with retrimmed interior and technology

With technology at the heart of most Londoners’ lives, Kingsley Cars’ ULEZ Reborn Range Rover Classic owners are also able to specify their vehicle from a range of modern options that enhance driver usability. These optional features can include front and rear sensors with a reversing camera, switchable and variable assistance electric power steering, LED headlamps with washers, Kingsley JL Audio 700w seven-speaker system with DAB, as well as rear iPad entertainment integration for passengers.  Apple CarPlay integration is also available on the options list, alongside wireless smartphone charging neatly configured in the cabin, and ambient lighting.

9 Kingsley Cars offers wireless charging for ULEZ Reborn mdoels
Kingsley Cars offer wireless charging for ULEZ Reborn models

The interior is as special as the exterior design and engineering additions. Kingsley Cars have designed each ULEZ Reborn Range Rover Classic to have modern convenience yet retain a nod to the car’s past. For instance, the interior seats come heated as standard and the rear seats have two headrests and three armrests. Available to be trimmed in a range of tweed fabrics and leathers, Kingsley Cars’ team also offers customers custom color-matched seatbelts alongside the standard, black-colored variants. All windows are electric, alongside adjustable electric mirrors, and sound deadening has been added to the shell including the doors and panels.

With over 20 years of experience in restoring classic Range Rovers for clients all over the world, Kingsley Cars specialize in giving a new lease of life to pre-loved Range Rovers, now with a modern twist. The UK-based company has a dedicated workshop specifically for both Range Rover and Land Rover models, including paint, parts, trim, and welding departments where the team is able to work on up to seven vehicles at one time, and with over 400 vehicles restored to date, it’s no wonder Kingsley Cars has such a loyal customer base.

13 Manufactured with a selection of modern genuine Land Rover Parts
Manufactured with a selection of modern genuine Land Rover Parts

Damon Oorloff, Founder of Kingsley Cars said:

Having been around classic Range Rovers for most of my life and after building a business around these vehicles, it was crucial for the company to come up with a way to not only continue to restore classic Range Rovers and Land Rovers but to enhance them for modern use. And so, our classic Range Rover Reborn series was created. Designed for fans and enthusiasts of the classic model, it ensures that when driving in London, road users will not be hit by the ULEZ charge following its expansion to both the North and South Circular roads.

It’s so important for businesses like ours [Kingsley Cars] to keep classic cars on the roads, they are real head turners on the commute. As a team we want to establish our vehicles as the alternative to modern Range Rovers and SUVs, by offering our customers modern technology that fits seamlessly into their everyday lives and enhances the usability of our cars, while retaining the vintage look and charm that comes with owning a classic.

14 Kingsley Cars ULEZ Reborn side profile static
Kingsley Cars ULEZ Reborn side profile static

Customers wishing to order a Kingsley Cars ULEZ Reborn Range Rover Classic should register their interest with Kingsley Cars’ sales team on [email protected]. Prices start from £125,000 including UK taxes, with the build process taking around six to eight months depending on specification, meaning that orders placed in November 2021 will be delivered in Summer 2022.

Note: Press release courtesy of Kingsley Cars.