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Promise of 1,000 Mile Electric Car

Speaking to Motortrade Insights Magazine, CEO of Liberty Electric Cars Ian Hobday said he plans to take an electric car across the length of the UK to showcase the exciting new technology. ‘I can tell you that there will be a vehicle that will do Land’s End to John O’ Groats on a single charge next year,’ he revealed. The distance of 1,000 miles would be four times that of the new BMW i3, which will be launched later this year. He also predicted the majority of electric cars will be able to travel 400 to 500 miles within three years as electric battery technology improves. Liberty Electric Cars is a UK company that is plotting to create cheaper electric vehicles with longer range by removing the need for rare earth metals from the battery system. Astonishingly, the brand is also looking […]

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Delay In Carbon Emissions Cut

British car manufacturers have won a four-year delay to the introduction of European rules designed to force them to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from new cars. Jaguar Land Rover was granted a special deal after Britain joined ranks with other car-producing EU states to water down fuel efficiency targets proposed last year. The highest levels of fines for failing to comply with the targets will not come into force until 2019, not in 2015 as previously proposed. The deal means manufacturers will be able to delay investing in expensive carbon-reduction technology for several more years. MEPs and the 27 EU member states have agreed to abandon plans to force the industry to reduce average CO emissions from around 158g/km last year to 130g/km by 2012.