Eletre at London Eye
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Watch Lotus Eletre World Premiere Live

The world premiere of the Lotus Eletre takes place tonight – Tuesday, March 29, 2022 – and you are invited to join what promises to be another amazing milestone event in the company’s history. […]

Rare By-Van to be Offered by Silverstone Auctions Hero
Auctions & Sales

Rare By-Van to be Offered by Silverstone Auctions

Silverstone Auctions is to offer a rare and curious By-Van in their next stand-alone auction of Classic Motorcycles. This recently discovered house clearance gem was launched by the Turner Manufacturing Company in the late 1940s under the new ‘Light Delivery Vehicles’ banner, as an alternative to a van for smaller businesses and sole traders. […]

BRM - Racing For Britain, Interior

BRM: Racing for Britain – New Book from Porter Press

Written by Ian Wagstaff and renowned BRM authority Doug Nye, BRM: Racing for Britain from Porter Press International tells the story of the team, from the difficult early days with the V16 to the glory years of the 1960s, and its V12 finale in the 1970s. […]

Caterham announces record sales in 2021
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Caterham Announces Record Sales in 2021

Caterham sales grew by a remarkable 41% over pre-pandemic levels last year, with the 670 orders taken in 2021 not only smashing the 442 received in 2019, but beating the marque’s previous best tally of 667. […]

Crowded Car Shows Amelia Island 2022

Welcome to Spring and Car Shows

. If you go to a park show with popular judging while expecting the concours judging of a golf course show, you will probably be upset and want your money back. Having unhappy attendees is usually the result of expectations not matching what was being presented. […]

Bentley Reports Record Financial Performance in 2021

Bentley Reports Record Financial Performance in 2021

Bentley Motors today announced the luxury marque’s financial results for 2021, complementing the company’s record sales performance during the same 12-month period. Operating profits rose to €389 million, which was €369 million more than in 2020. […]