The New MINI Logo - Clear and Tradition Conscious
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The New MINI Logo – Clear and Tradition Conscious

At the core of the new MINI brand identity lies an awareness of traditional values combined with the spirit of future-oriented development. This philosophy is also reflected in the visual appearance of the British premium brand, of which the central element is the MINI brand logo. The current interpretation of the globally familiar logo takes the form of a reduced design that focuses on the essentials. It will be seen on all current MINI models from March 2018 onwards. The new MINI logo draws on the three-dimensional style of depiction that has existed since the relaunch of the brand in 2001, applying this to a form of visual expression known as “flat design” that homes in on the key graphic elements. The preservation of the fundamental, tradition-steeped motif of a winged wheel with the brand name printed in capital letters at […]

VotW - The British Motor Corporation Story

VotW – The British Motor Corporation Story

The British Motor Corporation. BMC. Loved and hated at the same time by British car fans around the world. Loved for the cars produced during the company’s existence – the MGB, the Austin Healey 3000, the ‘Spridget’, and many more. Loved, or at least liked, because they were better than British Leyland that came after them. Hated for the corporate think, homogenization of the cars, and start of the slide that soon would swallow Jaguar as well. Our Video of the Week this time is “British Motor Corporation Story”, a look back at the company that for many epitomizes the British car industry of the 1960s. BMC was the largest British car company of its day, with (in 1952) 39 percent of British output, producing a wide range of cars under brand names including Austin, Morris, MG, Austin-Healey and Wolseley as […]

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The BMC and Leyland Show

The Heritage Motor Centre is launching a new show on Sunday 7 July to celebrate a host of British cars including the iconic Mini. ‘The BMC and Leyland Show’ has been launched to incorporate vehicles manufactured by the British Motor Corporation, British Leyland and Rover including commercial and military vehicles. The show is expected to attract up to 80 different marques made over a 100 year period including names such as Daimler, Alvis, Wolsley, Austin, Morris, Riley Standard MG and Land Rover. As well as up to 800 models on show, there will be a large Autojumble and motoring related trade stands. A show highlight will be the opportunity for visitors to see 12 different vehicles from the HMC reserve collection that aren’t normally on display in the Museum. This new show will incorporate the former Gaydon Mini Show and […]