Sustainability Drives Jaguar Land Rover Strategy

Jaguar Land Rover has created two new senior roles within its leadership team to accelerate the role sustainability plays as a strategic driver for its Reimagine vision.

Francois Dossa - Executive Director, Strategy & Sustainability
Francois Dossa – Executive Director, Strategy & Sustainability

The newly formed Strategy & Sustainability team will collate, and build-upon, existing cross-function capabilities in mobility services, sustainability, and digitalization, to accelerate the company’s strategic intent around clean mobility and connectivity.

Reporting directly to Thierry Bolloré, Jaguar Land Rover’s Chief Executive Officer, the team will be headed by Executive Director, François Dossa, who joins the company with extensive experience in developing sustainable value chains, circular economy, and digital ecosystems and services.

As part of the company’s drive for ‘greater collaboration and knowledge sharing from within’, Hanno Kirner, who previously led the Corporate & Strategy function, has been appointed to the position of Executive Director, Tata Group Synergy Programmes, to leverage wider Group capabilities and value creation.

These appointments are true milestones in bringing Reimagine to reality. It is enables us to place sustainability at the centre of everything we do and deliver our full digitalisation as we transform into a true modern luxury business.

This means we will lead on clean energy and continue to advance our role in the circular economy; together with our partners we will design a new quality benchmark in environmental, societal and community impact for a luxury business.

Thierry Bolloré – Chief Executive Office, Jaguar Land Rover

The reorganization will play a key role in delivering Jaguar Land Rover’s Reimagine strategy: a sustainability-rich reimagination of modern luxury by design, unique customer experiences, and positive societal impact. The strategy is designed to help Jaguar Land Rover achieve zero tailpipe emissions by 2036 and net-zero carbon emissions across the supply chain, products, and operations by 2039.

François brings a deep capability in creating the sustainable ecosystems that will be critical to our future, and to the creation of new partnerships and innovative approaches to enable growth and capture future, sustainable value chains.

Thierry Bolloré – Chief Executive Office, Jaguar Land Rover

François’ most recent role was Senior Vice President, Transformation and Organisation for Groupe Renault, focusing on the creation of solutions and systems to shape the future of mobility. He also chaired Alliance Ventures as Alliance Global VP, Ventures and Open Innovation – a fund that grew to include three ‘unicorns’.

Note: Press release courtesy of Jaguar Land Rover.