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New from David Townsend at Sports Car Art has released an art print of the Sunbeam Tiger Targa Florio. The #192 Sunbeam Tiger that ran the 1965 Targa Florio may possibly be the most famous Sunbeam Tiger on the planet. Immortalized in the Castrol film Mountain Legends, the Rootes competition prepared Tiger finished a respectable 14th in the grueling Sicilian race.

Sunbeam Tiger Targa Florio
Sunbeam Tiger Targa Florio

Starting with a stock 1964 Alpine, the legendary Carroll Shelby was brought in to modify the Sunbeam by the addition of a Ford 289 Hi-Po V8. The small-block Ford was chosen for the modification due to its small profile and the relative ease with which it could be installed into the Alpine chassis. Most of the other modifications—large fuel tank, oil cooler, a few special additions for the navigator—were pretty typical fare for the era. One of the more interesting changes was the addition of rear brake cooling ducts.

Of this car, Townsend said …

Fun (but surprisingly difficult) car to draw. Historic race cars are generally tough to do. Back in the day, when the season was over they were just used race cars and not worth anything even though, today, we look on them fondly. Very, very limited period photography. Thankfully I was pointed in the direction of Dave McDermott up in the Denver area who actually owns and restored the car. No way this could have happened without him.

The Tiger as pictured is a faithful rendition of the original car as it ran in 1965 race. It can be ordered with or without the Targa Florio background.

For more information please visit Sports Car Art.

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