Sad News – Passing of Charles Runyan

I would like to say “Happy New Year”, but first we must acknowledge a sad passing. One of our own and a fixture of both the British car hobby and the British car industry has passed away.

Charles Runyan, founder and head of The Roadster Factory passed away Saturday, December 22 at the age of 72. Charles was also the founder of The Coventry Inn.

Charles Runyan of the Roadster Factory and Coventry Inn

In 1978, Runyan started The Roadster Factory in Downtown Indiana before moving it out to Armagh. His love of British culture also extended into the restaurant field as he was the driving force behind The Coventry Inn, a replica of a British pub which was open for 25 years in Downtown Indiana. It closed in September due to a lack of employees.

I do not need to tell any of you how much Runyan and his Roadster Factory supported and contributed to the British car hobby. He was a fervent admirer of the Triumph marque and dedicated immeasurable resources into sourcing original parts and reproducing those no longer available.

His loss will be profoundly felt throughout the hobby and the industry. Our sympathies go out to his family, friends, and employees.

You can read a full obituary of Charles in the Indiana Gazette.


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  1. May I extend sympathy to Charles Runyan’s family regarding his passing. He must have been an awesome chap; although I never met him. But as a transplanted Englishman living in Canada, I know he’s owed a lot. Myself from ordering items over the years from The Roadster factor.

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