Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Issues Clarification Statement

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars and Rolls-Royce plc are two completely and distinctly different companies. The two companies branched in 1998 after BMW licensed the rights to the Rolls-Royce brand name and logo from Rolls-Royce plc and acquired the rights to the Spirit of Ecstasy emblem and Rolls-Royce grill shape trademarks from Volkswagen AG. Rolls-Royce plc is a British multinational public limited company incorporated in February 2011 that owns Rolls-Royce, a business established in 1904 which today designs, manufactures and distributes power systems for aviation and other industries.  Clear as mud?

Rolls-Royce Effortless Everywhere

Now that the groundwork is out of the way, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars issued a statement today clarifying their financial standing. This was issued after Rolls-Royce plc that it is scrapping thousands of white-collar posts at the jet-engine giant in a bid to redress the balance and unleash the potential of an 80 billion-pound ($107 billion) order backlog.

“We have 33,000 non-manufacturing roles,” said Chief Executive Officer Warren East of Rolls-Royce, plc.  “That is too many for a business of our size.”

Anyway, that has nothing to do with Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, and to make sure that is clear, they issued the following statement:

In light of the news emanating from Rolls-Royce plc today, and to avoid any potential confusion in the media, Rolls‑Royce Motor Cars wishes to clarify that it is in excellent health and enjoying sustained global success across its model range. There are no plans for job reductions.

The company started the year by confirming an outstanding sales result for 2017, with motor cars commissioned by customers in almost 50 countries around the world. This positive outlook has continued through to 2018.

Customer deliveries of the eighth generation of Phantom commenced in January and the marque’s pinnacle product has a strong order book. Phantom has been consistently confirmed by media as “the best car in the world” and has been presented with numerous prestigious awards and multiple five star reviews.

The Rolls-Royce Cullinan – ‘the Rolls-Royce of SUV’s’ – was launched to global acclaim from media, customers, prospects and enthusiasts alike. This overwhelmingly positive response has been exceptional, with the car being recognised as an authentic all-terrain vehicle that has taken its rightful place as the leader of the luxury SUV market. Customer deliveries begin in the last quarter of 2018 and the new model already has a full order book well into next year.

Sustained global demand for Wraith, Ghost and Dawn families has been further enhanced with the introduction of Black Badge variants of each model. Black Badge is a clear indication of the modernisation of Rolls-Royce and how the company intimately understands and responds to customer demand and the shift in the luxury landscape.

Rolls-Royce continues to invest heavily in its business in preparation for the future. Development of the Architecture of Luxury – Rolls-Royce’s proprietary all-aluminium architecture – will underpin all future models. A new single-line manufacturing system – now fully operational – is central to the company’s long‑term production strategy. The Rolls-Royce Technology and Logistics Centre at Bognor Regis was recently extended by almost 10,000m2 to meet growing demand and in readiness for future models.

More than 1800 skilled men and women are employed at the Home of Rolls-Royce, a fivefold increase since the company was launched in 2003. Rolls-Royce has recently demonstrated its long-term commitment to supporting future talent with a record intake on its industry-leading Apprenticeship Programme. Almost 50 young people are currently learning skilled trades at the Home of Rolls-Royce. Record numbers of graduates and interns also recently joined the company.

Torsten Müller-Ötvös, CEO, said, “Rolls-Royce Motor Cars is the world’s leading luxury manufacturer. We are enjoying a period of sustained success, underlined by our stated long-term, sustainable growth strategy. The company is in great shape and I applaud the skilled men and women in the Rolls‑Royce family at Goodwood and around the world that design, develop, hand-build and support the ‘best car in the world’.”

Torsten mueller - oetv

Note: Press release courtesy of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars.