Perhaps Maybe a New MG Sportscar

According to Auto Express, after a lengthy absence and years of rumours, it appears MG will finally be returning to the sportscar market. Hazy teaser images of what looks to be a new concept car have appeared online, with reports suggesting the car could be called the MG E-Motion.

Perhaps Maybe a New MG Sportscar

As the name suggests it will be a pure electric sportscar, which could potentially preview a spiritual successor to the MG TF – axed from production in 2011.

The concept could be unveiled as early as next week at the Shanghai Motor Show – the home show for MG parent company SAIC. Details are limited but reports indicate a 0-62mph time of under 4 seconds and a range of over 300 miles.

Perhaps Maybe a New MG Sportscar

The teaser images show a shape and design unlike anything we’ve previously seen from MG; only the ZS-inspired headlamps are recognisable. Clearly a sleek two-door coupe, the size of the concept is difficult to gauge, but given the body style, it’s likely to share a similar footprint to a BMW 4 series.

Perhaps Maybe a New MG Sportscar 3

Note: Text and images are via to Auto Express via The MG Owner’s Club.



  1. From the photographs shown it looks very swift and sleek. Unfortunately we will probably never see one in Vancouver, as after the 1980 Limited Edition MGB, nothing MG was ever imported !

  2. Probably not even looking at the US market. If they are, a retro MGB would be the way to go. It worked for BMW with the Mini.

  3. The concept looks like a four place sedan. What they need to produce is a two seat roadster like the Miata. Anything else would not honor the heritage of the iconic sports car the MG was.

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