Now You Can Drink MG Tea with Your Classic MG

MG Car Club in Abingdon has brought out its very own breakfast blend tea in time for Christmas, sporting an image of the town’s old MG factory where generations of Oxfordshire families once worked.

Classic British car brand brings out its very own breakfast tea - Chairman of Abingdon MG Works Centre, Richard Martin


General manager Adam Sloman said: “We want to offer MG fans something different through our merchandise range and we thought what better than a proper cuppa, blended just up the road from Abingdon.

“The tea tastes fantastic. It’s something special and unique, it’s fun and will make a brilliant gift too.”

The tea promises ‘a smooth and rich, full-bodied blend with a malty sweetness’ and launched at the weekend in a limited edition tin.

Richard Martin, chairman of the Abingdon Works Centre of the MG Car Club, said: “It’s using a well-known brand, albeit one that has nothing at all to do with food and drink. It will be a quirky Christmas present particularly for people that are into MG. It’s an extension of the brand – there are only so many shirts and clothing items you can want. This is something a little bit beyond that and thinking outside the box. You have to keep coming up with something original.”

MG Car Club Breakfast Brew Tea

The 69-year-old Abingdon resident said he expected this could be the first of several merchandising ventures for the club, which already sells products including branded hats and keyrings.

The product was developed thanks to Witney tea company Jeeves & Jericho Ltd, which has collaborated before for its ‘cabinet blend’ made especially for 10 Downing Street.

Richard Martin - MG Car Club Breakfast Brew Tea


Owner Daniella Franzese-Boyett said:

With our blends we always try to be ethical and think carefully about taste. For a breakfast tea this is probably a little unusual to most on the market – the taste is quite unique and has a good lot of interest, we’ve tried to make the profile exciting with Assam and a small amount of Darjeeling. We don’t want it to be bland.

MG is a very British brand along with Mini and Rolls-Royce, and tea is very British. This is a good marriage of the two so hopefully it will appeal.

Anyone interested in buying the MGCC Tea can call the club on 01235 555552 or visit the MG Car Club website.