Don Hayter, Instrumental MGB Designer Passes Away

Don Hayter, who was instrumental in the design of the MGB has passed away at 6:10 am on October 9, 2020.

Don Hayter MGB Designer

Don Hayter played a major part in designing the MGB. Don worked for The MG Car Company as their Chief Body Draughtsman from 1956, after a spell at Aston Martin.

After spending some time developing the MGA Twin Cam, he started work on the MGB. Following two prototypes, the EX205 and EX214, the MGB was given the go-ahead. It was then Don’s job to make the car buildable and to finalize the distinctive windscreen and hood, not to mention the dashboard design. Following the success of the MGB, Don worked on other projects such as the SSV-1 safety car, the shell of the MGC GT racer, and in 1973 he was appointed Chief Engineer.

Don was made an honorary Vice-President of the MG Car Club in 2001 for his incredible work that culminated in designing the best-selling MG sports car of all time.

We received this notice courtesy of the MG Car Club. We at Just British, like the MG Car Club, extend our sincere condolences to Don Hayter’s friends and family and especially to his wife Mary.