VotW – Last MGB Returns to Abingdon

Our video this week deals with the last production MGB made and its continued travels. On October 23rd, 1980 the very last MGB Roadster rolled off the production line at the MG Car Company in Abingdon. After a while, this final specimen ended up in The Heritage Motor Center alongside 300 other classic, vintage, and veteran British cars. In fact, The Heritage Motor Center in Gaydon is the world’s largest British sports car collection. However, recognizing the importance of MG’s to the people of Abingdon, the Center was kind enough to loan that last MGB to Abingdon County Hall Museum for an indefinite period of time.

There was only one problem with the loan – the display area at the museum is on the second floor of a historic building with winding stairs and no good way to get a full-sized car, even a small one like an MGB, into place.  Enter our video. The video above shows the lengths (and widths) that were gone through to deliver the MGB in question to the museum for display.

MG at Abingdon Museum
MG at Abingdon Museum

The poor MGB had to have its wheels and windshield removed to reduce the profile, and the engine and transmission removed to reduce weight. Then it had to be strapped on its side and hoisted, rolled, and otherwise manhandled through a second story window. Oh, then it had to be reassembled in place. No small feat all this.

For more information on this move and the museum itself, check out the Abingdon County Hall Museum’s website.