Morgan 3 Wheeler: Last of the Line – Video

After a decade of the model, the current Morgan 3 Wheeler finishes production this year with 33 P101 special editions and a limited run of bespoke models. Morgan’s latest video captures a moment in time as the last few are built in the workshops at Pickersleigh Road.

Reintroduced in 2011, the Morgan 3 Wheeler continued a legacy of three-wheeled Morgan cars that stretched back to the company’s founding year of 1909. Watch the Morgan site and this space for what comes next because, as has been said before, “The Morgan 3 Wheeler will return“…

Note: Press release courtesy of Morgan Motor Company.


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  1. So very different from the 1937 MX4 Super Sports I bought at age 16, many many decades ago, yet still close enough to bring back a flood of memories. During my ownership the suspension upper transverse tube cracked and broke on one side; without welding equipment or skills, the simplest solution for me was to advertise in the Morgan Three Wheeler Club Bulletin for a complete chassis. I got one and did the swap, unaided, at age 17 — a wonderful “apprenticeship”. When I had to sell the Moggie (don’t give me crap about Morris Minors being Moggies), leaving for Coventry to start an actual apprenticeship, I took a 1928 JAP two-speeder in trade. Another interesting experience. Have never owned a Morgan since, but can still dream.

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