Event Report – DVT Cars and Motorcycles of England, August 7, 2021 (The Show Must Go On!)

Well, it had been delayed for a year. And delayed again for two more months, but the 2021 version of the traditional and popular DVT Cars and Motorcycles of England 2021 took place finally on Saturday, August 7th at historic Hope Lodge in Fort Washington, PA.

Cars and Motorcycles of England - Delaware Valley Triumph Club

Waiting until official approval from the Pennsylvania Historical association after July 1st to make sure the grounds would be open for the public, we did not put the large signs and wooden holders designed by DVT (Delaware Valley Triumph) member Paul Ryder up until the first week of July. At that point, we were committed!

Thursday night saw several DVT volunteers go over to the lodge at Graham Park, PA to pick up tables and chairs, to be taken to Hope Lodge. Friday, August 6th saw dozens of volunteers from all three clubs helping to set up the various tents, tables, fencing, and caution tape for spectator parking, helping Chief DVT Judge Mike Nitroy prepare the CMoE show field. The new marque signs designed by DVT members Paul Ryder and Bill Murphy were placed on the show field, adding a “touch of class” to the festivities. Volunteers (listed below) enjoyed gratis pizza supplied by appreciative DVT and DVJC (Delaware Valley Jaguar Club).

Months in the planning, by a dedicated planning team of Delaware Valley Triumph, Delaware Valley Jaguar Club, and “Friends of Hope Lodge” paid off, as this year’s show was one of the largest ever, with 185 pre-registered cars for Cars and Motorcycles of England, 12 motorcycles pre-registered, and 48 Jaguars in the Delaware Valley Jaguar Club’s nationally-sanctioned Concours d’Elegance.

At least 50 DVT members were in attendance at the show, many with cars on the show field. Taking home trophies for DVT were:

Non-DVT cars with DVT Members winning

  • Chip Krout, MG Rubber Bumper, 1st Place
  • Tom Boorse, 1980 MG Rubber Bumper, 2nd Place
  • Kevin McLemore, 1953 MGTD, 2nd place
  • Charlene Hutchison, 2006 Jaguar S-Type, 1st Place Champions (DVJC)
  • Charlie Frick, 1973 Land Rover “Diamond-in-the-Rough”
  • Tom Boorse, 1935 Rolls-Royce, 2nd Place
  • Bruce Menkowitz, 1958 Morgan + 4, 1st Place
  • Bruce Menkowitz, 1953 Jaguar XK120, 1st Place (CMoE)
  • Amos (Gerry) Kunkle, 2016 F Type, C-20/F Champion (DVJC)

DVT Winners, DVT cars

  • Dave Hutchison, 1961 Triumph Italia, 2000 GT, Preservation Class (one of two rare Triumph Italia’s at the show. As well as two rare Triumph TR5’s)
  • Bob Hunter, 1963 Triumph Herald, 1st Place
  • Mike Engarde, 1975 Triumph 2500 Estate, 2nd Place
  • Bob and Tina,1957 TR3, 1st Place
  • Jim Philips, 1962 TR3A, 2nd Place
  • Bill Elsing, 1961 TR3A, 3rd Place
  • George Lawton, 1960 TR4, 2nd Place
  • Josh Bowden, 1961 TR4, 3rd Place
  • Rob Ruby, 1971 Triumph TR6 (early), 1st Place
  • Kathy Johnson, 1969 Triumph TR6 (early), 2nd Place
  • Jim Damon, 1971 Triumph TR6 (early), 3rd Place
  • Lou DiFabio, Triumph TR250, 1st Place
  • Jim Scanlin, Triumph TR250, 2nd Place
  • Harry Gaffney, Triumph TR250, 3rd Place
  • John Mann, 1973 Spitfire, 1st Place
  • Melody Laurel, 1980 Spitfire, 2nd Place
  • Pat Heron, 1975 Spitfire, 3rd Place
  • Ron Hoinowski, 1976 TR7, 2nd Place
  • Wayne Simpson, 1980 TR7, 3rd Place

Many, many people to thank. Charlene Hutchison of DVT for handing CMoE Registration, the participant enveloped, and the spreadsheets needed. Larry Laurel for continually sending our email blast to remind prospective participants that time was running out for the pre-registration-only show. Dave Hutchison and Paul Ryder for chasing down sponsors and vendors. Alan Anspaugh for handling the finances, and the follow-up breakdown, as well as coordinating the always difficult trailer parking. Dave Samtmann for coordinating the spectator parking, and coordinating the volunteers needed to work. Bill Murphy and Paul Ryder for designing the new marque signs that were on the field. And Mandy and Kevin Baker for the fine work with the always popular Mercer “inspired” tiles for the winners.

Thanks to all the volunteers who helped make the set-up day on August 6th run smoothly. Sorry if I forgot anybody.

  • Alan Anspaugh
  • Kevin Baker
  • Ari Bobrow
  • Jim Damon
  • Bob De Lucia
  • Lou DiFabio
  • Rob Ervin
  • Harry Gaffney
  • Kurt Gentry
  • Pat Heron
  • Charlene Hutchison
  • Dave Hutchison
  • Steve Klein
  • Chip Krout
  • Kevin McLemore
  • Steve Moulton
  • Bill Murphy
  • Jim Philips
  • Bob Ruby
  • Paul Ryder
  • Dave Santmann
  • Peter Sutor
  • Dan Tinsman
  • Mike Wolf

Looking forward to Saturday, June 4, 2022!

Note: This event report was submitted by “Where’s Bob?” De Lucia, CMoE Coordinator. You can check out more about the club and more pictures on Facebook.