MG3 Continues to Garner Accolades

Unfortunately we can’t get hold of one on this side of the pond, but elsewhere in the world the MG3 continues to rack up the good press. Let’s see – it is sporty, it is inexpensive, it has the MG bloodline, and it is hip. What more could you want?


As this review from New Zealand states, “The chiseled wedge-profiled shape even has details along its rear panels that reflect the angles of the famous octagon badge, though the designers are to be congratulated for not slavishly putting that shape all over the car.

“Sitting on standard 16 inch alloy rims, along with subtle dark grey sills, front splitter and vestigial hatch spoiler and covered in electric blue paint that seems wet it’s so glossy, the wee 3 looks a treat.

“Up front its lazy-v shaped smile sucks on the familiar MG badge and is flanked by tapered, wraparound lozenge-formed lamps, while hockey-stick shaped LED driving lamps sit down at valance level. From the rear, the MG shows its distinctive ‘hip’ which is formed from the swage that runs from the headlights and back to the hatch opening.”

Again, sounds like a cool car and one that would do well here in the states. Now if we can just get them to ship them over.