MG MAZE – Stunning Vision of Future Urban Mobility

SAIC Design has pulled the wraps off a new MG concept to mark its third anniversary and explore a vision of future urban mobility. The MG MAZE is aimed at the next generation of car users and explores the future of city transport, bringing the fun and pioneering spirit that has always defined MG firmly into the 21st century.

MG MAZE Urban Mobility Concept from SAIC 11

Built around the tag line of ‘Get Out & Play’, the concept brings together mobility and gaming, driven by a consumer appetite for something fresh, bold, brave, and exciting.

MG MAZE Urban Mobility Concept from SAIC 07

With MG MAZE we wanted to consider what the future of a car community might look like, building from MG’s fan base and following. The move to digital is unstoppable, so we wanted to create a concept that connected this digital realm to the physical one that gives us the real joy in driving.

The concept is a reaction to our lives during recent months, where we have been met with restrictions and limitations on our ability to move around and interact. Exploring the idea of ‘mobile gaming’, we used MAZE as platform for people to get out and rediscover their environment in a new and relevant way, opening up new experiences with their city.

Carl Gotham – Advanced Design Director
MG MAZE Urban Mobility Concept from SAIC 16

The gaming aspect of the car reflects a desire to discover and reach new achievements, via a points-based reward system. Our car helps users to re-discover their city and their world by seeking exciting digital street art that is interacting with structures, buildings, and landmarks.

The MG MAZE is a compact urban two-seater capable of the utmost agility and functionality in busy urban environments. Its core focuses are high-technology and emotional design.

The exterior features a transparent shell, emulating high-end gaming PCs with exposed componentry. Its outer surface is fluid and dynamic, exposing aspects of the chassis and interior design, that are otherwise hidden from view.

MG MAZE Urban Mobility Concept from SAIC 03

Inside the MG MAZE, floating seats and UX/UI technology have been developed, enhancing the gaming aspect by giving a fun and enjoyable driving experience, while the steering is controlled not by a steering wheel but by the driver’s smartphone.

Note: Press release courtesy of MG Motor UK.