MG Club Rescues Ex-Rally Car

An ex-London to Sydney marathon car abandoned in a scrap yard has been rescued by enthusiasts at one of the UK’s biggest MG clubs. The car, which took part in the 1968 event, has been dragged out of the Southampton scrappy and given a new home by the MG Car Club.

MG Rally Car Rescued

Driven by Jean Denton, UMD534F was not a Works entry, but did receive significant support from the BMC Competitions Department.

The car was prepared for racing by her husband, Tony Denton, and Tom Boyce – Jean’s navigator for the rally. That meant double-welded seams, uprated headlamps and a double fuel tank in the boot. The passenger seat could also be converted into a bed.

After finishing in 42nd place, the sports car was put out to pasture and finally dry stored in the 1980s. Now the club’s MGB Register intends to restore the car to its period Works spec.

Supporting the project are British Motor Heritage and Bicester College’s motorsport students, which are part of the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs’ apprenticeship scheme.

While the competitive history of the car is well noted, the MGB Register its post-competition life. If you can help, contact the register’s chairman, John Watson, via email [email protected].

The B will be displayed at the club’s annual show, MGLive!, which is marking the 60th anniversary of the BMC/BL Competitions Department.


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  1. Great save Mates!! Very happy this treasure was saved from the junkyard. Love the gas cap and rollbar. Happy trails Terry

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