Marangoni Extends Its British Profile

Italian manufacturer Marangoni has ramped up its efforts in increasing its profile in recent weeks. After the highly successful Summer show and event programme – which endeavoured to bring the brand to the forefront of the performance and tuning market – the British International Motorshow provided an opportunity to take the firm’s self-styled ‘Marangoni Brand Experience’ to the record crowds that gathered at Excel in London. The company believes that its name carries the promise of European heritage, all-round performance and value, hoping that this triumvirate of riches resonates strongly with drivers of both performance and everyday cars.

Headlining the Marangoni presence at the British International Motorshow, and very much the draw on the Santa Pod Raceway stand, was the mighty Progetto Marangoni Toyota Yaris; an attraction that has been popular with British crowds all year. With the car on public display for a full week and contrasting with other show exhibits, the company was delighted with the response of motorists. Marangoni report a “huge number of requests for information on the Marangoni product, with visitors clamoring for information and the right Marangoni tyre choice for their cars.” The palpable hit scored by the Yaris helped to further establish Marangoni as a widely-recognised tyre brand amongst the show’s knowledgeable and discerning audience


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