Flying Scotsman Rally Update – Robert Morey and John Scott

A sad update to the tale we told you last week of our contributor Robert Morey running in the Flying Scotsman Rally with John Scott.

Flying Scotsman Rally Update - Robert Morey and John - IMG_5759

We heard from Robert this weekend, and unfortunately, the 1937 MG VA they were driving broke down after “an amazing dice at breakneck speed with a pre-war BMW sports car. He could pull away on the straights a bit but John was on him in the corners!”

Turns out that the distributor shattered to the point of there being no possibility of repair or replacement within the given timeframe. Therefore, John and Robert were not able to continue on in the rally – except to be among those still enjoying the event.

John plans on bringing the car back to the US, but first, they are going to find the correct part and get it road worthy – again.



  1. Hope you guys enjoyed the rest of your stay in Scotland, and your replacement Toyota! Chris the breakdown guy…

  2. In the UK in the 70s we always had Toulmins, Barry Bones, and the Pre-War MG Centre! Surely their stock is around somewhere! Remember
    to use a Whitworth screwdriver!!w

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