E-Type UK Producing Modern Upgrades for Classic

One of the most iconic and beautiful cars of all time, the Jaguar E-Type is a hugely desirable model for classic vehicle enthusiasts and lovers of the British automotive industry.

However, with the first cars being created over half a century ago in 1961, some aren’t the perfect proposition for modern, everyday driving; this is where E-Type UK comes in.

E-Type UK is one of the world’s leading authorities for all things Jaguar E-Type – from restoring and servicing all the way through to selling – and it offers the finest upgrades to bring the legendary Jaguar into the 21st century.

The Kent-based business is renowned for pioneering the E-Type fuel injection system and has been at the forefront of development to bring products to market. It has built considerable knowledge and expertise in both V12 and XK systems and offers both to provide the ultimate driving experience.

Using original Jaguar XJS throttle bodies and manifolds on the V12 and newly designed set-ups on the XK, the systems are fitted to the highest standards with consideration applied to the most intricate of details.


A modern ECU is integrated into the car’s wiring using a bespoke loom; ensuring the unmistakable character of the original V12 and XK E-Types are retained. Not only do E-Type UK’s fuel injection systems provide increased power, they also offer hugely improved drivability, throttle response, and reliability.

E-Type UK’s five-speed gearbox upgrade is another that has proved very popular with the company’s passionate clientele, providing that all-important fifth gear and adding more positivity to the gear change.


Built from cast aerospace-grade aluminum, the gearbox fits exactly the same as the original four-speed set-up and uses the existing bell housing, prop shaft, speedo, speedo cable and angle drive.

The engine and original gearbox are removed during the process, and E-Type UK’s talented team inspects all associated parts – including the clutch, master and slave cylinders, bearings and engine hoses – to ensure vehicles are completed to the highest possible standards.


Fuel injection systems and the five-speed gearbox are just two of the upgrade options that E-Type UK offers, with the expert team also able to make braking, suspension, exhaust, cooling, ignition, air filter and alternator upgrades as well as bespoke customizations to cars for clients.

Marcus Holland, Owner/Managing Director of E-Type UK, said:

At E-Type UK, we pride ourselves on offering the very best service around and providing enthusiasts with the ultimate E-Type driving experience, no matter what they’re looking for. Our incredible team is second to none when it comes to E-Type upgrades and they are known in the E-Type community for delivering the perfect solution for modern driving. Customers come to us wanting their E-Type to improve in a certain area, and our team can always deliver the goods.

Note: Press release courtesy E-TYPE UK