Donated MGB Roadster Aids Tech School in Charleston

From the Post & Courier in Charleston, SC. … Call this the poignant story of a local car buff’s prized 1977 roadster and the uplifting events that would follow in the past year.

Eugene D. Foxworth III, a Marine veteran and a stockbroker for 25 years, died in December 2013 at age 58. Known as Foxy, his possessions included a Damask Red MGB considered in good condition and running well after an HS4 carb conversion.

British Car Club of Charleston Donation
Maria Simons drew the winning ticket in a raffle for a 1977 MGB. British Car Club of Charleston sponsored the event, with proceeds benefiting Gordon H. Garrett Academy of Technology.

His wife, Cantey Foxworth, at one point last year advertised the soft-top for sale before agreeing to donate the MGB for a British Car Club of Charleston fundraiser. A drawing raised $5,000 for new tools for students at a Charleston County technical high school’s automotive classes.

“It’s nice to do something like this, that makes a difference,” said Wray Lemke, a British Car Club of Charleston member who was instrumental in coordinating the raffle and channeling proceeds to Garrett Academy of Technology’s auto classes.

Not only did the raffle bring enough funds to outfit automotive students with proper tools, at least one student at the school, situated in a lower income neighborhood in North Charleston, was able to take part in a statewide automotive-related competition, Lemke said.

The MGB’s owner until 2013, Foxworth rebuilt the motor in the classic roadster and otherwise took good care of it. Lemke said the MGB had a “really good” interior. “He loved that car.”

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