Veloce Press Reprinting Classic Automotive Books

Available again after a long absence, Veloce Press is reprinting a number of classic automotive titles relating to MG, Jaguar, Rover, and Lea-Francis. All of the titles listed below are scheduled to be released on the 15th of this month and are available directly from the publisher, from Amazon, and many other sources.


The MGA Revised EditionThis book is the definitive study of the MGA, for the author has gone back to factory records and to the people who worked on the car in the ‘fifties, to find out how it was conceived, manufactured and marketed. Here is the real story of the MGA’s engineering, body styling and every aspect of the car’s development and production – including MG’s strategy to beat its competitors.In seven years of production, there were major successes and sad disappointments. The MGA was the car that was “right first time” and though the Twin Cam variant was a nightmare for the factory, it is now the most sought after model. This book tells how the sleepy Thames-side village of Abingdon became a mass-production centre for the MGA, how the MGA became one of America’s best-loved sports cars and how the MGA has become one of today’s classic cars, cherished by enthusiastic owners all over the world.

The MGA by John Price Williams

ISBN: 9781845849627
UPC: 6-36847-04962-1
£25, $39.95

The Lea-Francis Story

The Lea-Francis StoryThe Lea-Francis company was founded in 1895, in Coventry in the UK, under the aegis of R.H. Lea. It originally built cycles and motorcycles, but, by the 1920s, was established as a manufacturer of high-quality sporting cars. From the 1high-quality1960s, Lea-Francis specialised in medium-sized cars, built with great care and the best quality components. Successful in motorsports, “Leaf” was an innovative company, but a lack of regard for good business principles led to fluctuating fortunes throughout the company’s long life.

In The Lea-Francis Story, Barrie Price draws on his lifelong association with Lea-Francis cars to tell the complete and fascinating story of the company.

The Lea-Francis Story by Barrie Price

ISBN: 9781845849573
UPC: 6-36847-04957-7
£27.5, $45

How To Power Tune Jaguar XK 3.4, 3.8 & 4.2 Litre Engines (SpeedPro series)

How To Power Tune Jaguar XKHow to Power Tune Jaguar XK Engines – this book gives full details on camshafts, camshaft timing, valve springs and cylinder head options and modifications. Carburation chapters cover: 13/4 and 2 inch twin SU setups; triple 2 inch SUs; and triple Weber and Dellorto setups. A special section is included on modifying SUs for improved engine performance, along with the relevant needle specifications. There are also full details on ignition systems and timing, exhaust manifolds and systems and general tune-up information.

How To Power Tune Jaguar XK 3.4, 3.8 & 4.2 Litre Engines by Des Hammill

ISBN: 9781845849603
UPC: 6-36847-04960-7
£19.99, $34.95

Rover P4

Rover P4Nowadays affectionately known as the ‘Aunty’ Rover, the dignified P4 series of cars was launched in 1949 to carry Britain’s Rover company into the postwar era. Rover’s well-deserved reputation for building high quality cars, and the marque’s upmarket image, ensured that the P4 series appealed to the company’s traditional clientele – doctors, solicitors, bank managers and others of similar social rank.Despite the rather staid image of the P4 series, over the years the cars had many interesting features like the original ‘Cyclops’ central headlight, disc brakes, a freewheel device and overdrive. The larger-engined versions were also rather nifty and could whoosh their occupants along at a very unauntie-like pace!Production continued through several model variations – but always with four or six-cylinder engines – until 1964. In the meantime, Rover experimented with gas turbine power units in P4 bodies and created the famous JET 1. The Marauder sports car was also P4-based. An amazing number of the sturdy P4s have survived to the present day and most are now enjoyed and cherished by enthusiasts.

Rover P4 by Malcolm Bobbitt
ISBN: 9781845849580
UPC: 6-36847-04958-4
£27.5, $45