Aston Martin Partners with SMMT for Women in Engineering Initiative

Aston Martin has partnered with the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) to promote career opportunities in the automotive industry for women.

Aston Martin Partners with SMMT for Women in Engineering Initiative - Sally Leathers and Nikki Rimmington
Sally Leathers and Nikki Rimmington

The Women in Engineering event, held at the SMMT showroom in London earlier this week, highlighted the importance women play in design and engineering and offered an insight into the variety of careers on offer at Aston Martin. 

Speaking at the event, Chief Engineer Sally Leathers and Director for Corporate Planning Nikki Rimmington discussed challenges and opportunities faced during their careers, and why it is important for businesses like Aston Martin to attract more female engineers.

Sally Leathers said:

The lack of women in engineering is an industry wide challenge, which Aston Martin is addressing through a number of initiatives. We are actively engaged in educational outreach programmes, with schools across the country from primary though to sixth form. These outreach sessions are aimed at stimulating an interest in a career in Engineering, by encouraging both men and women into STEM based subjects in schools and universities.

Alun Cairns, Secretary of State for Wales, said:

I am particularly pleased that Aston Martin is so enthusiastically showing young women that engineering offers the path to a great career with a world-beating brand.

With the help of companies like Aston Martin, teenage girls selecting their exam options are being shown that engineering is a shrewd choice. Whether your preference is the drawing board or the boardroom, the way is now wide open for women to power ahead in engineering.

Note: Press release courtesy Aston Martin