A Puzzling Development in Sports Car Art

David Townsend, the artist behind Sports Car Art, has come out with some beautiful 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles. Some of them have been done in partnership with Moss Motors, and while Moss is carrying the MG, Triumph, and Austin-Healey, David is directly offering the Cunningham E-Type Jaguar, XKSS, C and D-Types, AC Cobra MKI, and the Austin-Healey 3000 Works Rally car.

The puzzles are $59.95, build out to a full 18″ x 36″, and come in a really nice flip-top box.The puzzle quality/construction is of good quality cardboard and once constructed they would also look very nice framed.

David began working on David Townsend HeadshotBritish cars as a youngster. From his first car—a ‘61 Morris Minor—through a succession of British iron including several MGBs, a Triumph TR3, Austin-Healey Sprite, Jaguar 3.4 MK1 and various other assorted vintage cars, his appreciation for these machines has been endless. He continues to turn wrenches on his most current British project and can often be found in someone else’s garage, helping his neighbors and friends keep their British cars on the road. The passion and enthusiasm David has for his cars show in each illustration. His cutaway-style art combines his love of sports cars with a highly detailed illustration technique, giving the viewer a unique window into the structure and mechanics of each car he draws.

While British Sports Car Hall Of Fame Posterwe are on the subject of David’s artwork, you should also check out the limited edition poster he has created for the British Sports Car Hall of Fame.  Very cool stuff and also available from his website.  The poster features a Jaguar D-Type and an Austin-Healey in competition. Drawn in the style of the great racing art of the 50s, the HOF poster features the names of this year’s inaugural inductees including Tony Adamowicz, Sir John Black, Gerry Coker, Michael Cook, Michael Dale, Donald Healey, Sir Stirling Moss, John Sprinzel and others, many of whom will be in attendance.

Finally, make sure to browse through the rest of his artwork including his cutaways of various sports cars such as the MGB. MGA, and MGTC. All are beautiful, great quality, and would dress up any car-cave, office, or automotive library.

MGC Roadster Cutaway

Michael Carnell
Editor at Just British

Michael Carnell is the editor and founder of the Just British Online Motoring Magazine. As a lifelong British car enthusiast, he has owned or driven British cars of all ages from Austins and MGs to Jaguars and Triumphs. He currently owns a 1966 Vanden Plas Princess 1100 and a 1977 MGB. But there is always room for more - no matter what his wife says.


  1. As usual there is no “Sunbeam’s” listed that I can find !

    I will attempt to make contact with him. Adding the Sunbeam, especially the Alpine will entice me to “buy” one. perhaps more….

    • Sunbeam? You mean the appliance?! 😉 I agree though. Certain cars like Sunbeams and such are hard to find in almost any form. Seems to me it would be an untapped market.

    • True, there are no Sunbeam puzzles…yet. This is my first run and I stuck with a more of a race car theme. However, I do offer limited edition prints of both the Alpine and the Tiger in either 12″ X 24″ or 18″ x 36″ sizes.

      • Yes indeed. I’ll be bringing a few loose prints that have been hanging around the studio, some framed work, HOF posters, and a selection of the new puzzles. Should keep me out of trouble for a while.

  2. “Seems to me it would be an untapped market.”

    I believe as your comment would be the understatement….

    There appears to be few choices for the Alpine owner when it comes time to gather memorabilia.

    Some owners almost feel like a redheaded step child when reading about British Sport Cars. The Sunbeam was ahead of it’s time by years, then Chrysler came along….Ugh!

  3. Just a reminder, Fathers Day is coming up and British sports guy puzzles would make a great alternative to a pair of socks or tie for the car guy (or gal) in your family.

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