720bhp British Ford GT Supercar

The legendary Ford GT super car has been given a makeover and incredible power boost by a British company to form the Avro 720 Mirage limited edition.

Brooklands based Avro Motor Cars has teamed up with Ford engine experts Roush to produce just 10 Avro 720 Mirage – with a top speed in excess of 220mph.

To achieve this staggering performance Roush has taken out the standard supercharger and fitted the Avro 720 Mirage with a larger, polished version.

720bhp British Ford GT Supercar

The supercharger, a new exhaust system and performance engine parts give the 5.4-litre V8 a colossal 720bhp and 627lb/ft of pulling power – 170bhp more than the standard Ford GT.

And because of the extra power and deactivation of the standard car’s speed limiter, Avro claims the 720 Mirage will sail past 220mph.

On the outside the Avro 720 Mirage shouts about its performance with a bright orange paint job, contrasting against black detailing and wheels.

Other exterior changes include the removal of the rear bumper, which Avro claims will save weight, and there are exclusive side decals denoting the model of this exclusive car.

Because of the extra power, the car’s suspension has received attention, with the wheels now 5mm wider apart than standard, for greater stability and grip. The suspension has also been lowered.

The Avro 720 Mirage also has powerful race-inspired brakes from British manufacturer AP.

This is not the first Avro-tuned Ford GT – the company also created ten Roush 600RE special editions in 2007, which had 600bhp and cost £140,000.

Source: Autotrader by by Andy Goodwin



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