You Car as Fellow Traveller

On a recent Saturday, Blaine Benson sifted through a folder of documents, the remains of a road trip taken 40 years ago. Among the ephemera were Pan Am airline tickets, ferry receipts, invoices for car repairs and a mileage log, handwritten on white notepad pages.

1962 MGB“It’s the family story,” Mr. Benson, a computer systems engineer, said of the archive. It is the chronicle of a continent-crossing journey, stretching nearly equator to pole, that his parents once made in a 1962 MGB roadster.

“My dad had a thing for sports cars,” Mr. Benson, 41, said. “He had a Triumph TR3. He was a bit of a car freak.”

Mr. Benson’s father, Skip, bought the MGBir?t=&l=as2&o=1&a=1859609589&camp=217153&creative=399701
in 1967 for about $1,000 in Puerto Rico, where he and his wife, Barbara, were training Peace Corps volunteers. When their work contract expired later that year, the family — Joel, Blaine’s older brother, was born during that time — travelled to Nome, Alaska, where Skip was going to work for the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

Read the full story of Mr. Benson and the 1962 MGB over at The New York Times. But before you go, tell us something about your companion and automotive member of the family. What cars have transcended transportation for you and become integral to the story of your travel itself?