VotW – Singer Nine Sports 1933

The subject of our Video of the Week this week is a Singer Nine from 1933. VotW - Singer Nine Sports 1933The Singers are cars that most people don’t know much about, if they know they exist at all. And yes, cue the sewing machine jokes. And the confusion that they are not MGs. Singers are gorgeous and fascinating cars in their own right with their own storied history.

This example is a 1933 Nice Sport. To quote the video,

Singer’s first sports car was introduced at the end of 1932. It featured cut-away doors, louvered bonnet and scuttle and distinctive helmet-type front wings. Under the bonnet was the classic 972cc single overhead camshaft engine and close ratio four-speed gear box making it especially suited to trials work. A Sports Nine achieved a notable success in June 1933 at the Le Mans 24 hour race.

AMD 485 was supplied to Miss Louise Maxwell of Kensington, London in April 1933.

By the 1960’s ‘Amanda’ was languishing in a garden in Middlesex until rescued by two brothers not yet old enough to drive. After a spell in Edinburgh she spent 30 years in Lancashire and Cheshire. In Paul Hague’s ownership she was used as a trials car and looked after by Ian Blackburn, THE Singer expert. In more recent years, she has had an engine transplant.

She regularly takes herself shopping and tours around Britain, occasionally stretching her legs at Castle Combe and Prescott.

For more on these cars, check out the Wikipedia article and also the North American Singer Owners Club.

Michael Carnell
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