Vintage Cars Found in British Barnyard

They may not be multimillion-dollar Bugattis, but around 30 rusty vintage cars were found in a barnyard in Norfolk County in England.

The cars were mostly British marques like Austins, Rileys and Singers. There were also a vintage Daimler, a Lea Francis and a Sunbeam. A rare Morris Minor convertible from the 1930s is said to be the highlight of the lot, reports The Telegraph.

The cars were hidden in undergrowth and left in derelict sheds, some with trees growing around them. They had not been driven since the 1950s. It took a team of eight men two weeks to clear the site and dig out and remove the vehicles with the help of a forklift.

The trove was found by Guy Snelling, an auctioneer, who was exploring the barnyard after the death of the property’s elderly owner, James Blanch, in December.

“When we got there, it was so overgrown, we couldn’t even get on to the driveway from the road,” Mr. Snelling told the BBC. “But once we battled our way in, there were barns and outbuildings absolutely crammed with 1920s and 1930s cars.”

He added: “You simply couldn’t move inside the barns. There were amazing amounts of cobwebs and dust — and cats had clearly been living there.”

According to locals, reports The Telegraph, Mr. Blanche was a recluse who had lived in the village for 40 years and ventured out only to shop or go to church.

The cars will be auctioned on April 4. Most are worth only a few hundred pounds, Mr. Snelling said, while some might fetch several thousand.


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