VotW – Gilbern T11 Prototype

VotW - Gilbern T11 PrototypeFor our video this week we turn once again to our friends at Take to the Road with their excellent video of  the Gilbern T11 from Wales.

To quote the guys at Take to the road

Gilbern is not a name that immediately springs to mind when you think of classic British sports cars. In fact not many people know about the former car maker that hailed from Wales. And even fewer are aware of its exciting two seat, rear engined sports coupe project from the 1970s. Founded in 1959 by Giles Smith and Bernard Friese, Gilbern was Wales’ only car maker. Both the former butcher and the former German Army soldier succeeded in building a car company from nothing and for a time challenged the likes of Jaguar and Rover with the Gilbern Genie V6. By the time the company folded in 1974, over 1000 Gilbern’s had been built.

Created in 1971 by Gilbern (who were Wales only sports car manufacturer), the T11 Prototype was to be the companies new two seat sports car. With a striking body by Trevor Fiore (of TVR Trident, Alpine A310 and Montiverdi 450 Hai fame), the T11 promised a great deal. But the project was canceled and the prototype abandoned. Gilbern then went bankrupt in 1973.

For further information on Gilbern, check out the video this additional video on YouTube and also the Gilbern Owners Club.