VotW – Brabham BT62 Unveiled in London

From the old to the new – the very new. Our Video of the Week this time features the brand new Brabham BT62 and its unveiling in London on May 2. In addition to unveiling the new car, the background of the new Brabham logo was discussed. To understand the history of Brabham automotive and the late Jack Brabham’s role in racing and autosport, check out the comprehensive timeline on the Brabham Automotive site.

First, in regards to the logo, it is Derived from the ‘V’ that so prominently featured on the badges of Brabham’s Repco-powered championship-winning racers from the 1960s, and the fangs from the iconic ‘Hissing Sid’ snake that was synonymous with Brabham’s Ecclestone-era Formula 1 cars, the bold new emblem echoes the marque’s rich heritage with a sharp, strong and engaging device that embodies the Brabham attitude: fearless, intelligent, confident and forward-thinking.

Brabham Automotive logo

Brabham’s new brand identity was presented at the unveiling of the all-new Brabham BT62 earlier this month at a gala event hosted at Australia House in London, a location chosen in recognition of the company’s proud Anglo-Australian roots.

With over 200 distinguished guests and global media in attendance, and with renowned TV sports commentator Steve Rider presiding as Master of Ceremonies, the atmosphere was charged with both reverence and anticipation as the legendary Brabham name prepared to reveal the start of a new era.

Brabham BT62

Introducing the event, Managing Director, David Brabham, gave a heartfelt address:

Welcome to our celebration of Brabham, which also marks the beginning of the next exciting chapter of our story. This is such an incredible day for the whole family. And by family I don’t just mean the descendants of Sir Jack. The Brabham family encompasses all of the amazing, talented and determined individuals who have contributed to the Brabham legacy over the last seventy years.

Racing legends in their own right, many of those individuals were present to witness the BT62’s unveiling in person, including John Judd, who built engines with and for Sir Jack Brabham in the 1960s, former Brabham Formula 1 Team Manager Herbie Blash, the team’s former Race Coordinator Tony Jardine, plus drivers Derek Bell, John Watson, Derek Warwick, Martin Brundle and Mark Blundell, who each raced for Brabham and were part of its thirty-year reign in Formula 1.

Sir Jackie Stewart, a three-time Formula 1 World Champion and legend of the sport, sent a message which resonated with the audience. Reflecting on the significance of Sir Jack Brabham’s World Championship victory in a car of his own making, he added:

It is great to think that the name of Brabham Automotive is coming back to life with the creation of the BT62. What a great name and what a great brand.

Brabham BT62

Sir Jack Brabham’s business partner, designer and co-founder of the Brabham racing team, Ron Tauranac, who at the age of 93 years old was unable to join the celebration in person, delivered a deeply-personal video message recorded at his home in Australia:

I congratulate you all on celebrating seventy years of the Brabham legacy. My connection to Jack goes right back to the 1950s. Together, our team won many World Championships and always maintained a strong connection with Australia. It’s a joy to see the ‘BT’ brand being honoured with the new and exciting Brabham BT62. I wish David all the best as he takes Brabham into the future. You’ve built the model of the future, now let’s see how it handles.

After more than two years of development in complete secrecy, David Brabham proudly pulled the silk covers off the new Brabham BT62 for the world to see for the very first time.

With Brabham Automotive’s first car finally out in the open, former Brabham Formula 1 driver, Derek Bell commented, “What we have seen so far is stunning”. His reaction was echoed by fellow team drivers Martin Brundle and Mark Blundell, who said ‘The rule of thumb is that if it looks right, it normally is right. And I have to say it looks stunning. Outstanding job”.

With the evening drawing to close David Brabham reflected:

This has been made possible by the hard work, clear vision of the group and very determined individuals. My father launched his racing career seventy years ago, which is where the legendary Brabham story began. Tonight, the reveal of the BT62 proudly upholds that legacy, marking the start of our next chapter with a bold statement: Brabham is back.

Note: Press release and video courtesy of Brabham Automotive.