VehicleDNA to be Featured at Atlanta Concours

While DNA factors can often find the answer to our own health concerns, what about utilizing similar statistics to maintain the health of a collector car? The Atlanta Concours has entered a multi-year partnership with Alpharetta-based VehicleDNA, an engine, and transmission testing company that provides a complete analysis of all engine and transmission fluids, to offer collector car owners the reassurance of knowing the current health of their vehicle.

56 Austin Healey 100M 1st entry

All registered cars for the Atlanta Concours will have the opportunity to receive a complimentary fluid analysis throughout the weekend, September 30-October 1st, (a $75 value), and receive a detailed assessment of a component’s condition, as well as recommendations for addressing potential problems within 48-72 hours.

Though only in its second year, the Atlanta Concours is making great strides to differentiate from the general Concours circuit, and ties to technology have become a strong suit.  According to Bill Wallet, co-chairman for the Atlanta Concours, embracing technology throughout the hobby of car collecting is a real must.  “Integrating new technologies or processes that can have a significant impact on car collectors and the automotive industry in general helps to keep the passion alive and allows each vehicle to continue to thrive,” said Wallet.  “By identifying potential problems while maintaining, repairing and restoring classics, owners can be reassured of a longer life plan for their collections and we can play a role in furthering these legacies.”

VehicleDNA LogoVehicleDNA evaluates approximately 20 different parameters related to the properties of a lubricant from viscosity and acid number to oxidation, as well as contaminants such as water, glycol, and silicon, along with elements such as iron, copper, aluminum, and lead.  Utilizing a proven hardware/software system, VehicleDNA’s team of oil analysis experts will use data gathered from the show to build a database tailored for collector cars, which will be providing increasingly useful results to all classic car owners.

Jack Poley, VehicleDNA’s Chief Technology Officer says that a VehicleDNA test is like any doctor’s blood test, providing insight into areas one cannot necessarily see visually but can quickly assess a patient’s health.

VehicleDNA provides the same capabilities for vehicles that doctors gain from blood tests — our hardware, software and standards were developed for the U.S. military, where detection for any mechanical failure needs to be precise and found before problems become more serious,” said Poley.

Military and industrial users have relied for decades on large commercial labs to perform oil analysis.     Unlike labs that may take several days to analyze a sample, VehicleDNA provides laboratory-quality results on-site in about 10 minutes.   In addition, VehicleDNA has been tailored to see contaminants such as large wear metal particles that indicate a component is failing.  Poley stated that “classic and exotic vehicles are expensive, high-value assets – so early detection offers the best means to retain and potentially exceed a vehicle’s current value.

VehicleDNA, and its automotive fluid analysis technology will be the first in a series of programs at the Atlanta Concours that bring forth innovation to consumers.  According to Wallet, the Atlanta Concours d’Elegance has been building a reputation for innovation since its inception.  Both Founders have extensive backgrounds in high technology and plan to integrate a new knowledge-based expertise that affects the hobby of car collecting into the 2017 Atlanta Concours d’Elegance and all future shows.

To enter a vehicle for the 2017 Atlanta Concours d’Elegance please check out the event details.  For more information about VehicleDNA view their website.