TVR Factory in Ebbw Vale Gearing Up

TVR has released some big news about their factory. The folks at TVR say that the 200,000 square foot in Ebbw Vale will soon be echoing to the rumble and crackle of V8 engines as they head towards production. The Welsh Government announced officially yesterday that the site has been acquired and they are moving at high speed to get it ready for TVR. There has also been a mention of ‘facilities’ in the plural instead of just singular. More news is to follow on that.

TVR Factory in Ebbw Vale Gearing Up

Les Edgar of TVR says the factory is more than ample in size to take care of their current and planned requirements as they expand up to full capacity over the next few years. They intend to make the factory an experience in itself – and once open, they will be encouraging all owners, prospective customers etc. to visit and take a look at what TVR is doing.

Work has continued on dualling the Heads of the Valleys road and this should be virtually complete by the time TVR is in production. It is said to be “a beautiful drive on the new tarmac without the usual congestion you might encounter elsewhere…” It will provide an easy link directly from the factory to the Midlands via the M50/M5 (no estuary crossing), not to mention the office in Surrey via the M4!

Note: Press release courtesy of TVR Manufacturing Ltd.