The Raptor as a Symbol of Attainable Luxury

Note: This is a guest post by Christopher Silvestri who is the owner of Christopher John, Ltd, in Daytona Beach, Florid. They are the newly designated US dealer for Raptor Sports Cars. 

A question for automotive aficionados: What do you get when you combine the DNA of a Shelby Cobra with something Batman would unleash upon the roadways of Gotham? I give you, dear reader and fellow motoring enthusiast, the Raptor R165. It is yet another example of what I call “attainable luxury,” a sports car with an English pedigree and an international following, which has an unmistakable personality – and an undeniable degree of performance – at a reasonable price.

Raptor Sports Cars

That definition encapsulates the essence of this car without compromising the power it possesses or the picture of strength it portrays; because a Raptor, with its oblong grill and red, uppercase R soldered onto this facade as a letter of endorsement, in addition to the juxtaposition of its large tires with its miniature headlights – along with the image of its mirrors-as-wings and 15-inch wheels of multitudinous spokes, raptor-3this car narrows its eyes as it flexes its muscles, so to speak. There is no doubt about its strength, no uncertainty about its storied history, no second thoughts about its stunning appearance.

By these criteria, it would not be a surprise for a car this super to cost as much as a super car from the likes of Porsche, Ferrari and Lamborghini. Which brings me back to the rule of attainable luxury, that you can get a handcrafted car – with a supreme interior to match – that is an icon of the road and an instant emblem of style. It is this niche that coincides with my personal interests and my professional goals because, as the founder of Christopher John Limited, I am an authorized dealer on behalf of Raptor and other brands of similar caliber.

For example, the Raptor R165 retails for close to USD $40,000, currency fluctuations notwithstanding, which separates it from almost every other car in this price realm. Think of this fact the next time you see a conventional coupe or a standard sedan; look at those motorized boxes of confinement – and conformity – that congest the highways of city living and the byways of country life. Consider this comparison in its proper context, that a Raptor represents something new, something better.Raptor Sports Cars 5

I beg your pardon if I rhapsodize about the Raptor, if I cannot resist the rapturous appeal of this automobile, because I am a fan of the good life. Which is to say, I value those things that should last a lifetime; I cherish those things that offer lasting value.

Hence my words of praise for the Raptor: It represents the union of form and function, with its uniform body, versatile chassis, black leather and dark internal paneling, heated screen, all-weather hood, rear roll bar and exposed sections of connective metal, which act as the ligaments and tissue of this racing body. Include a state of the art brake and suspension system, as well as an emphasis on speed, and you have, in practice, what many drivers think they can only visualize, in theory: You have the Raptor R165.

Raptor Sports Cars 4

With so many benefits to experience, and with so many features to enjoy, fans of the good life can savor the rewards of attainable luxury. They can maximize that indulgence, with a top speed of 140 miles per hour, by taking to the straightaway; by driving with the utmost comfort, and the comfort of the utmost driving fun; by liberating themselves from the monotony of everyday life with the gift of something audacious yet affordable.

Raptor Sports Cars 1

The Raptor R165 is the start of more than the roar of its engine. It is the beginning of a shift toward excellence of production and efficiency of cost.

Welcome to the era of attainable luxury.

Note: This is a guest post by Christopher Silvestri who is the owner of Christopher John, Ltd, in Daytona Beach, Florid. They are the newly designated US dealer for Raptor Sports Cars. 


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  1. It would be nice if the headlights were treated a little more sophisticated and given a better look. They make it look like a Lotus 7 – which it copies shamelessly.

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