MG Vintage Races Celebrate 40th Anniversary

MG Vintage Racers are Celebrating 40th Anniversary

The MG Vintage Racers’ Newsletter was founded as a grassroots newsletter to connect, support, and promote all MGs in vintage racing. Beginning with just 40 MG racers across the country, MGVR now has over 200 MG racers participating and is very active in its support role. […]

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MGVR Collier Cup 2021 – Watkins Glen, NY

The Collier Cup is named for Collier Brothers – Sam and Miles – MG who were largely responsible for bringing MG’s and British cars to the US.  They were part of the post-war road racing group that started at Watkins Glen in 1948.  Sam was killed at Watkins Glen in 1950. [Ed: See noted corrections below.]  Watkins Glen will also celebrate the 40th anniversary of the MG Vintage Racers (MGVR). The pairing of our 40th birthday and the renewal of the Collier Cup’s 36th birthday promises to be a weekend of celebration. The race is in conjunction with the SVRA Vintage Grand Prix.


MGVR 2018 Focus Event at VARAC Vintage Grand Prix

The MG Vintage Racers (MGVR) have selected VARAC’s “Vintage Grand Prix” at the Canadian Tire Motorsport Park in Ontario, Canada, (Northeast of Toronto) the weekend of June 14-17 for our 2018 “Focus Event”. A “Focus Event” is an annual MGVR designated race weekend where all MG racers (and MG supporters) are encouraged to attend. It is complimented by including MG races and a variety of MG social activities and awards, including the Canadian “Simms Cup” for MGs. A large turnout of MGs will be racing, along with many other great vintage race cars! The tentative schedule calls for three days of racing – including “All-MG Races” and a “MG-Triumph Challenge Race”! Non-racing activities will include: Thursday evening’s MGVR “Meet and Greet” social at “MGVR Central” in the paddock; a “Whistle Paddock Tour”on Friday evening with food and beverage stations located throughout the paddock; and a Saturday evening “Banquet”; (It’s a lot more FUN than just […]

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MG Vintage Racers At New Jersey Motorsports Park

The MG Vintage Racers (MGVR) have selected the Vintage Racer Group’s (VRG) “Historic Races” at the New Jersey Motorsports Park (NJMP) the weekend of September 15-17 as their “Focus Event” for 2017. MGVR encourages all MG racers (and spectators) to attend this special event, where a large turnout of MGs will be racing! The tentative schedule calls for a weekend of vintage car racing – including two “All-MG Races”. Non-racing activities include: Thursday evening’s MGVR “Meet and Greet” social at “MGVR Central” in the paddock; a Saturday evening “Craft Beer Tasting” at the Millville Army Air Field Museum located adjacent to the track (Interesting museum!); followed by a VRG “BBQ Feast” at the museum. NJMP has two tracks – “Lightning” and “Thunder”. This weekend its other track will be featuring NASCAR’s “Pro-Series East” race event. (Two Race events for one […]