MG Vintage Racers are Celebrating 40th Anniversary

It all started in 1981 as vintage racing was expanding. The MG Vintage Racers’ Newsletter was founded as a grassroots newsletter to connect, support, and promote all MGs in vintage racing. Beginning with just 40 MG racers across the country, MGVR now has over 200 MG racers participating and is very active in its support role.

MGVR 40th Dash Plaque

The MG Vintage Racers share information and stories through their newsletter, including having published their own “MG Tech Tips” for racing. MGVR has made a difference in vintage racing over the years! It promotes camaraderie, MGs, sharing, and having fun – not winning.

Although it does not hold races itself, the MGVR promotes MG racing with many of the vintage racing organizations, and has successfully supported “all MG races” at many venues, including the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix, the Collier Cup at Watkins Glen, the Simm’s Cup at Mosport, Hallet, Oklahoma MG races – and many more!

Since 1996, the group has selected one vintage racing event every year as its “Focus Event” where MGVR works with the race organizer to get an “All MG Race” included, as MGVR encourages all MG racers to attend that event. Then MGVR supplements the weekend with their own parties and awards – such as the MG Vintage Racers’ Spirit Award, also known as the “Big Brass Bucket”.

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The Past Racing Into The Future – MG Vintage Racers

The MGVR is an all-volunteer organization and its leaders and editors over the past 40 years have been: Greg Prehodka, Mark Palmer, Chris Meyers, and now David Nicholas. As MGVR celebrates its 40th anniversary, the group looks forward to supporting even more MG vintage racing for years to come.

For more information on MG vintage racing and the MG Vintage Racers, visit their website at

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