Eagle E-type

E-Type Club’s Round Britain Coastal Drive

The E-type Club’s ROUND BRITAIN COASTAL DRIVE, supporting Prostate Cancer UK is really gathering momentum. Over 100 Jaguar E-types have already booked for one or more of the 18 daily stages around the coastal roads of Great Britain. One of those is Formula 1 legend Ross Brawn who masterminded Michael Schumacher’s seven World Championships. Brawn has a fantastic collection of cars, reflecting his time with Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz and Jaguar, including a pair of stunning E-types.

Jeremy Clarkson Fire TV Stick Commercial

Jeremy Clarkson Returns – Hawking Firestick

Ahead of his return to the airwaves, or at least wire-waves, next year, Jeremy Clarkson has made his first appearance for Amazon in a commercial for the Amazon Fire Stick. Find out more about the Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond & James May all-new car show for Amazon Prime at http://www.amazon.co.uk/guesswhosback

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Corporate Business

Top Gear Coming to Amazon Prime

OK, so they can be rude, crude, and insulting. And yes, well, the leader of the pack is a bit of jerk sometimes. But we love them. Jeremy Clarkson, James May (my personal hero), and Richard Hammond are not only irreverent and funny, but they are extremely knowledgeable about cars. And entertaining. Did I mention entertaining? Ever since the BBC fired Jeremy Clarkson for being a complete and uncivilized jerk, no argument there, the future of Top Gear has been in question. Would the show come back? How could it come back without its stars since both Hammond and May refused to work without Clarkson. And if it did come back, would it be a bust like the American version? Well, Amazon has answered the question. It was announced today that Clarkson, Hammon and May will be coming exclusively to […]

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VotW – Top Gear in the Beginning

Most automobile enthusiasts love the BBC program Top Gear. Actually, a lot of people who don’t care a wit about cars enjoy the program as well. At least the version of the show from the UK as created by the BBC. We won’t talk about the US version. In fact, let’s forget I brought it up at all. The British version, the real version, of Top Gear is a phenomenon. By many accounts it is the most watched factual, meaning not drama or fiction, program in the world. Though originally a regional program hosted by Angela Rippon, one of the main reasons for the current popularity is host Jeremy Clarkson. Clarkson hosts along with co-hosts James May and Richard Hammond. Not only is Clarkson humor, entertaining, and a good driver, he is loud, rude, and prone to get into trouble […]

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New Cars

Jeremy Clarkson Reviews the Ascari A10

To start the review Clarkson says, “Normally I avoid road-testing cars made by small British companies like Ascari because nobody is going to buy one anyway. However, some things are worth a bit of extra effort and the Ascari A10 is one of them. With a tweaked version of BMW’s old M5 engine sitting in the middle of the carbon fibre tub, you have the power of 600 horses in a car that weighs about the same as a sausage dog.” Read the full review here.