British Car Week 2019 - Everywhere

British Car Week 2019 – Everywhere!

British Car Week is an annual awareness week intended for owners of Classic British Cars to get their cars out of the garage and drive them. While doing so, all who are involved will help create awareness of the classic British car hobby in local communities wherever there is participation. It doesn’t matter whether your car is in better than new condition, or perhaps it’s a less than perfect unrestored gem, we love them all! As long as it can be safely driven down the road, this is a great opportunity to show off your favorite car and take advantage of what British car motoring is all about.

British Car Week - Awareness Week
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Celebrate British Car Week!

OK, so I am a day or two late, but … let’s get on with it.  This is British Car Week!! Get out there and drive those cars and let the world know we are still on the road. I will just quote from Scott Helms here to tell you about British Car Week. Scott has the “official” British Car Week site, and is the keeper of this flame, so here goes … The idea came about during the early spring of 1997 after reading an article written by Road & Track columnist, Peter Egan (Side Glances), in the March, 1997 issue of Road & Track Magazine, titled “Seldom seen cars.” Peter writes in his article about his trip to the Dentist’s office, which spawned a conversation about cars. While sitting in the Dentist chair with his mouth full of […]

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19th Annual British Car Week – 2015

British Car Week is an annual awareness week for all things pertaining to British cars. All British car owners are encouraged to get their British classics out of the garage more than ever during this week, and show them off to your local communities to raise awareness about classic British cars. This, the 19th annual event, will be held May 30 through June 8, 2015. This in turn, will help strengthen the entire classic British car hobby. This includes the clubs that help keep us together, the magazines that help keep us informed, and the suppliers whom we hope will help us keep our cars safely on the road for many years to come. Need some ideas? Drive your car to work or for errands. Organize a British car get-together somewhere in your community that will allow the local public […]