19th Annual British Car Week – 2015

British Car Week is an annual awareness week for all things pertaining to British cars. All British car owners are encouraged to get their British classics out of the garage more than ever during this week, and show them off to your local communities to raise awareness about classic British cars.

This, the 19th annual event, will be held May 30 through June 8, 2015.

British Car Week 2015
This in turn, will help strengthen the entire classic British car hobby. This includes the clubs that help keep us together, the magazines that help keep us informed, and the suppliers whom we hope will help us keep our cars safely on the road for many years to come.

Need some ideas? Drive your car to work or for errands. Organize a British car get-together somewhere in your community that will allow the local public to stop by for a visit and learn more about British cars. One single drive around town will turn many heads, and pique the interest of many potential enthusiasts.

So grab your goggles and driving gloves, and be sure to top-off those dashpots. It’s time to have some genuine seat-of-your-pants driving fun!

See you on the road….

Courtesy: Scott Helms – BCW Curator