MG Using Augmented Reality To Show Of GS SUV

MG Using Augmented Reality to Show Off GS

In a first for MG Motor UK, the manufacturer is making advances in technology by giving consumers the opportunity to see its highly anticipated SUV using augmented reality. For those who aren’t familiar with this term, augmented reality is a way of superimposing virtual content into our everyday surroundings. This can be achieved with any electronic device that has a screen and a camera. Through clever technology, the device takes a photo of whatever you’re looking at and superimposes a 3D image onto it. You could be looking at a box that turns into a house or a new pair of shoes. In this instance, and more simply put, you can interact with the MG GS. This weekend (Friday 1st April to Sunday 3rd April), at the Gadget Show in Birmingham and the first race in the Dunlop MSA British […]

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MINI Reveals Augmented Reality Glasses

Yes, you read that headline correctly. Augmented reality glasses to wear while you are driving. In an article for Autocar, Darren Moss is reporting that Mini has revealed its augmented reality glasses concept at the Shanghai motor show. The glasses, which are currently in the working prototype stage, can project vehicle and navigation instructions in front of drivers and render parts of the car – including the A-pillar and doors -‘invisible’ in order to improve visibility. Other functions include a ‘first and last mile’ system, which guides wearers either from their starting point to the car, or from the car to their final destination on foot. Destination settings can also be programmed while outside the car. Functions usually handled by a head-up display, such as navigation, speed and traffic data, can be viewed in front of the driver. Phone messages […]