Aero GT

Morgan Launches End-of-Line Aero GT

The Morgan Motor Company has today revealed its most extreme road-going model to date, the Aero GT. The family-owned, British manufacturer officially unveiled the car at the 88th International Geneva Motor Show. The longest established independent automotive manufacturer, Morgan Motor Company will produce just eight of the special Aero GT variants. All vehicles will be individually built bespoke to each customer. The Aero GT represents the end of Aero 8 production, guaranteeing that every Aero 8 owner will be the custodian of a very significant piece of Morgan history.

VotW - Morgan Aero 8 vs Muscle Biplane 1

VotW – Morgan Aero 8 vs Muscle Biplane

Our video this week comes via our friends at Morgan. World War 1 fighter pilot and Morgan owner Albert Ball once remarked that his pre-war Morgan Three Wheeler was “the closest thing to flying without leaving the ground.” – Since that time, Morgan sports cars have been thrilling drivers around the world with their unique and exhilarating driving experience, be it on 3 wheels, 4 wheels or with the Aero. Their use, however, has never extended to a “race” between a Morgan and a plane, until now! Morgan’s latest video pits their fastest model, the Aero 8, against a Pitts S2S muscle biplane in a head-to-head airfield drag race.

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Debut of 2015 Morgan Aero 8

The 2015 Morgan Aero 8 makes its global debut at the 85th International Geneva Motor show, 15 years since the launch of the original Aero Eight. Significant visual and mechanical changes make the 5th generation of this iconic model the most refined Morgan Aero product to date. Exterior Styling of the new Aero 8 was influenced by classic open cars from the 1960s, reflecting a trend of long, fast and low shoulder lines and cabin focused bodywork. From above, the view echoes that of a boat deck, enhancing the sense of adventure and escapism. A dramatic rear opening clamshell boot is used to both tension and hide the new double-lined mohair hood. Occupants are seated low in the vehicle, which in turn enables a sleek roofline and balanced vehicle proportions. The Aero 8 is available with an optional hardtop that […]

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Morgan Aero 8 Coming

Morgan has given us a kind of glimpse of the new Aero 8. Not much really, but enough to keep us on the edge of our bucket seats. To quote the email announcement, “Only a few days left until we announce the latest evolution of our iconic Aero Range of vehicles at the 85th International Geneva Motor Show. Join us on the 3rd of March for the unveiling of the new Aero 8.” We can’t wait to see it! Any new Morgan is a cause for celebration.