Lightweight Seven 170 Launched by Caterham

Caterham® has unveiled the new Seven 170, its lightest ever production car. The 170 not only represents the brand’s lightest Seven produced to date but measuring 1470mm in width, it’s 105mm narrower than anything else within its current range, making it the smallest Seven as well.

Caterham launches new Seven 170 the lightest production Seven ever built.jpg single

The first new model since Caterham’s acquisition by Japan-headquartered automotive group, VT Holdings, the Seven 170 follows in the footsteps of its predecessor, the Seven 160, by complying with Japan’s world-famous Kei car regulations.

Holding true to the mantra that spawned the original Seven, to ‘simplify and add lightness’, Caterham’s Seven 170 weighs a little over 440kg, which in part, is thanks to its 660cc turbocharged Suzuki engine, which produce 84bhp and 116nm of torque, resulting in a power-to-weight ratio in excess of 170bhp-per-ton.

Complementing the 170’s favorable power-to-weight ratio is its marrying of a 155-section tire and live rear axle suspension, which enables drivers of all capabilities to extract the full potential from the latest Seven’s configuration.

An added bonus of the 170’s pared-back design lies in its reduced emissions. Though the 0-62mph sprint can be achieved in just 6.9 seconds and top speeds can exceed 100mph, the 170 is one of Caterham’s most environmentally friendly cars to date. Both ULEZ and Euro 6 compliant, the new model boasts Caterham’s lowest emission Seven. With a CO2 figure of 109g/km, it is even greener than some hybrid vehicles, including the Toyota Yaris 1.5.

Caterham launches new Seven 170 the lightest production Seven ever built

Designed to offer an array of choices to the potential new Seven owner, the Seven 170 is available as either a complete kit or factory-built.

There are several features that appear on the Seven 170 that haven’t been on previous production models. These include new alloy wheels, rear LED lights, and a new stripe design. 

Car buyers can pick from two packs, the road-ready 170S or the stripped back, more track-focused 170R.

The 170S, for the more laid-back driver, comes with a five-speed gearbox, road suspension pack, 14” Silver Juno alloy wheels, full windscreen and weather gear including a hood and side screen, black leather seats, a Momo steering wheel, and in a choice of four paint colors.

While the 170R, an additional variant not previously available on the Seven 160, comes with a five-speed gearbox, sport suspension pack, 14” Black Juno alloy wheels, composite race seats, a four-point race harness, limited-slip differential, Momo steering wheel, carbon-fiber dashboard, and four paint options.

Having the S and R packs means there’s a product to appeal to advocates new to the Caterham brand as well as the more familiar Seven drivers.

Available from just £22,990 in kit form and with competitive finance from as little as £199.99 with a cash deposit of £6,312.30, the Seven 170 offers not only the opportunity for drivers to experience the paired back nature of the two-seater sports car but the self-actualization of building one too.

Caterham CEO, Graham Macdonald, said:

The Seven 170 really distils the brand’s reputation for offering accessible, simple, light-weight sports cars.

Given the popularity of the 160, we’re really excited by the potential the Seven 170 offers customers.

We’ve taken what was great about the 160, its performance and competitive price, and built on it by adding even more choice for our customers. We’re confident the inclusion of the 170R, not previously available on the 160, will prove a hugely popular specification for both new and old customers.

Note: Press release courtesy of Caterham Cars.