Reliant Robin Named Worst British Car Of All Time

The Reliant Robin has been named the worst British car of all time, according to a new survey.

Reliant RobinThe three-wheeled car, which has only remained in the public consciousness thanks to Only Fools and Horses, has topped the poll for its lack of motoring prowess.

The Austin Maestro and Austin Metro came a close second and third respectively as the worst British cars of all time.

Around 2,000 British drivers were quizzed about their motoring preferences ahead of the start of Wheeler Dealers on the Discovery Channel.

Along with the worst cars in British motoring, people were asked about their favourite drives. The Mini was named greatest British car, with 19 per cent of people voting for it.

The Aston Martin DB7 came close second, with 18 per cent of people naming it the greatest British car of all time. The Jaguar E-Type came third and respondents said they would like to see it back on the production line.

The research also revealed that the average age of the boy racers is now 35 for men and 34 for women rather than a newly qualified driver. While the top boy racer car was the Ford Escort XR3i.