MG To Launch SUV Next Year

MG is performing well in China but it is missing an SUV, Roewe added an old Ssangyong based vehicle to its line up but the car failed to live up to expectations, the new MG SUV is expected to hit the market by the years end.

MG SUV for 2014MG revealed the MG CS concept at the Shanghai Auto Show this year where it was revealed the new car would have a 2.0T powerplant and a slightly redesigned face which is mostly inline with the current MG5. The new SUV will launch in late 2014, a little late to the party considering that international and domestic rivals have already launched SUV offerings.

In addition to the new SUV, MG are also planning to give their other product offerings a major overhaul of the MG-Roewe line up. Later this year the MG5 1.5T will air followed by a new generation of Roewe 750. The current 750 was launched in 2006 and is based on the Rover 75, which itself was developed in the late 90′s and launched in 2000 making it a very elderly car for any market, a new generation of Roewe 950 will also be launched shortly afterwards as well giving Roewe a strong business orientated sedan line up. No news of any MG7′s as of yet which leaves the MG6 as the largest vehicle in the MG range. The Roewe 550 plugin hybrid will also launch in 2015.