New Mini Owner’s Site

MiniMania, the supplier of parts for both classic and new Minis, has launched a new social networking site for Mini owners. MiniOwners aims to be for Mini enthusiasts what FaceBook is to … well, to the rest of the world.
Mini Owners
According to the site, “ connects you with other people who share a common love for the Mini! Keep in touch with your Mini friends, and make new ones! is an expansion of the Mini Mania’s already popular forum. We’ve added new features to take it to the next level of Social Networking. Amoung the many features of MiniOwners is the ability to create your own profile page, upload images to galleries you create as well as create profiles of your cars! Create a network of friends to share your latest projects with. Post status updates to let your friends know what you’re up to. Join Groups, post to the forum, and the list goes on!”