Mulliner Heritage Paints – Bentley Recognition of 70 Years of Design at Crewe

In recognition of the recent 70 year anniversary of Bentley’s design department at Crewe, the Mulliner team have searched through the archives and have identified a number of exterior paints that date back to the 1930s. Four of those colors which are available to order today – Dove Grey, Claret, Old English White, and Oxford Blue – are timeless, beautiful shades, which provide a classic touch for the latest contemporary Bentleys.

Heritage Paints 1 Sage Green
Heritage Paints – Sage Green

The team has also discovered more than 15 colors that have been in service for over 50 years. Customers can specify through Mulliner’s Personal Commissioning Guide. One of these unique commissioned colors can be found at Bentley’s headquarters in Crewe, where the latest addition to the press fleet is a Flying Spur V8 in Sage Green.

All of the paints at Crewe are applied by hand spraying expertise, complemented by the latest robotic technology delivering the best possible finish on each vehicle.

Flying Spur V8 – Sage Green

The latest Flying Spur is the ultimate luxury Grand Touring sedan, offering the perfect fusion of performance-orientated agility and exclusive four-door, limousine-style comfort.

Heritage Paints 2 Sage Green
Heritage Paints – Sage Green

A new Flying Spur V8 press car uses Sage Green exterior paint from the 1950s, provides a bold contrast with the Blackline specification giving a subtle but distinctive exterior appearance. The colors split of the leather interior, Cumbrian Green and Portland, has been specified with carbon fiber technical finish, offering a more modern interior.

The Blackline specification includes the iconic Flying B mascot, radiator vanes, matrix grilles, side window surrounds, and lower door and rear bumper blades. The front and rear light bezels, door handles, wing vents, and exhaust outlets also receive the same distinguished, darkened treatment.

Four timeless beautiful colors

The four paint colors, which form part of the Mulliner and Extended palette cover a 30-year cross-section including a color being chosen from the era of one of the most iconic Bentleys – the R Type Continental.

Heritage Paints 6 Dove Grey
Heritage Paints – Dove Grey

Dove Grey is one of Bentley’s longest-standing colors and is part of the extended color palette, dating as it does back to the Derby-era Bentleys of the 1930s.

Created specifically for use on Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s Golden Jubilee Bentley, Claret is a rich duo-tone color. This unique shade was inspired by Royal Claret; the color used on all Royal Bentleys since the 1940s. A classic heritage color. Its warm, solid tones give any car an impression of solidity.

Old English White from the Mulliner palette dates back to the 1950s. A solid white finish, it lends a timeless air to any car.

Heritage Paints 7 Dove Grey
Heritage Paints – Dove Grey

One of the darkest blues in the palette, Oxford Blue is a solid color. First created in the 1960s and then re-launched as part of the Diamond Series in 1998.

Customers looking for further personalization can look towards Mulliner’s personal commissioning service. With additional colors that all have historical significance, customers can easily curate their own heritage-inspired color.

Color through craftsmanship

Heritage Paints 5 Sage Green
Heritage Paints – Sage Green

Combining the art of color with the science of paint, Bentley offers one of the largest color palettes of any automotive manufacturer. All of the paints at Crewe are applied using skilled craftspeople with the latest technology to deliver the ultimate bespoke luxury vehicle.

Note: Press release courtesy of Bentley Motors.