MINI Going Back To Its Roots With Minor

According to Car Magazine, BMW is planning to take Mini back to its small-car roots – with a Mini Minor. This is great news for fans of the historic British baby, which has grown podgy under German ownership, and shows that the shrunken Mini Rocketman concept car wasn’t in vain.

Mini Rocketman

But it’s also an intriguing industrial development: BMW is planning to co-develop the baby Mini with Toyota.

Product planners in Germany acknowledge that the Mini has grown tubby in recent years, stretching to 4005mm in five-door hatchback form. Hence the desire to surf the downsizing trend with a new smaller model, scheduled to stretch just 3450mm long. For reference, that’s the same footprint as the new Smart Forfour.

The Mini Minor is likely to come to market in late 2018 or early 2019, CAR can reveal. ‘It’s still early days as far as the baby Mini goes,’ said our source in Munich. ‘But when our new R&D board member Klaus Fröhlich travelled to America early in the new year, this was one of the subjects on his agenda.’

For the full story, please check out Georg Kacher’s article in Car Magazine.